Did you Know Staples closedown their 15 stores in CanADA? ONLINE Shop Effects

By Admin

Staples Canada just closed 15 of its stores at the end of September to get rid of floundering stores and improve its sales. This retailer company of office supplies has seen the decrease in sales as businesses and orders by other competing companies are done online.

Stores have been shut down in North America. Other rival stores are also closing their office supplies businesses and start moving the business online. Staples Inc. has spoken and encouraged consumers to visit their online site at Staples had to compete with Amazon and Best Buy for e-commerce.

Now that Staples is slowly shifting its business to e-commerce, it is especially important to take into consideration the safety of customer data or information in the system.

At Dwarika Web Solutions, a payment gateway is set up which helps ensure that customer data won’t be compromised. DWS payment gateway complies with the official Processing Card Industries standards. This system allows the customers to safely connect their banks as they make their purchase online. Any business which accepts credit cards should do so in compliance with the PCI standards, and Dwarika Web Solutions could provide such service to any types of e-commerce businesses.